Phonics Screening - Phase 5 Aliens Underwear

Phonics Screening - Phase 5 Aliens Underwear


The aliens are unique to Funky Phonics. Those who have the same sound but a different way of writing it are the same shaped alien but a different colour, helping to identify sound families. This has carried over from the Phase 3 version.

There is an alien for each sound and six sets of underwear (vest and underpants). Vests have real words and the underpants have nonsense words.
ew/ue/u-e have three real words for the oo sound and three for the yoo sound. The alien words can be used for either.

This resource has been designed to be open ended and used in many ways. Some ideas for how to use are listed below:

  • Matching – match either vest or underpants or even both to the alien that has the sound that’s in the words. 
  • Pick a pair – match a vest and underpants that contain the same sound. Or match the alien to either the vest or the underpants.
  • Sorting – sort the alien words from the real words. 
  • Bingo – pick either a vest or underpants and read the word. Hold up the alien whose sound is in the word.
  • Display – make a washing line, place an alien next to it. Sort out which underwear belongs to him and hang it on the line.
  • Sound Families - use with the Phase 3 version and match aliens with the same sound. Match the underwear that contains the same sound but different spelling to each other or alien.

A fun way of fitting practicing pseudo words and phonics in your Alien and space topics.

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