Phase 3 - Picture Bingo

Phase 3 - Picture Bingo


This pack contains four boards. Each board has it own set of word cards. ItThis game is based on the vowel diagraphs/trigraphs with the exception or 'ure'. It uses words that are suitable from aged 4 to aged 8 and  include words that contain ch, sh and th.

  • Board 1 - ai & ee sounds
  • Board 2 - igh,oa & oo (as in zoo)
  • Board 3 - oo (as in cook), ar, or, ur & ow
  • Board 4 - oi, ear, air & er

Players pick a word card from a box or similar or turn a card over. They then read the word and find the picture of that word. Once they find it they can put a counter or similar onto it. If playing with more than one players, then each player will need their own set of coloured counters. 

Could also be used in connect 4 type games.

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