Phase 3 - Phonic Books

Phase 3 - Phonic Books


This pack contains books for set 6 and 7 sounds, a book for each of the consonant digraphs and vowel diagraph apart from ear/air/ure which are combined in one book. Whole book is in in black and grey to save on colour ink when mass copying or printing. There is a PDF for each book so saves scrolled through trying to find the one you need.


  • Super Searcher (page 2) - find 10 given words that contain the sound
  • Match it (page 3) - read the word and match it to the correct picture
  • Read It Write It (pages 4 &5) - mini board game where if they land on a word they read it. Land on a picture they write the word.
  • Monster Mayhem (page 6) - jumbled up words for the sound
  • Sort, Write and Draw (page 7) - jumbled sentence that contain one or more words with the sound. They sort it out and write it, then draw a picture about it.

Ideal for sending home. 

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