Phase 2 - Fruity Phonics

Phase 2 - Fruity Phonics


This pack contains the following  resources:


Phase 2 Fruity Phonics - Cut and Stick Version
This pack has a tree for each of the Phase 2 sounds and a set of five oranges with pictures that contains the Phase 2 sounds. These are designed to be used as cut and stick activity.
Ideal to send home or use in the classroom.


Phase 2 Fruity Phonics - Tree Poster

This file is nine pages and when cut and glued together makes the poster as in the preview image. Ideally cut and laminate before fixing together for durability. 


Phase 2 Fruity Phonics - Interactive Display Version
This pack has oranges and sounds for the tree poster. There are a set of six oranges with pictures that for each Phase 2 sound. These are designed to be used interactive display where children can attach oranges to the correct tree or can used for a sound of the day/week focus. Use Velcro to attach the oranges to the trees.

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