Numbers to 20 - Roll It, Match It

Numbers to 20 - Roll It, Match It


This pack contains three versions of the Roll It, Match It games with corresponding dice .

  • Version 1: number in digits, dice , fingers and animal theme
  • Version 2: number in digits, base 10 , dominoes and sea life theme
  • Version 1: number in words, numicon, counters and dinosaur theme.


Use with the matching dice to play as a game. Each pupils given a themed card (animal/sea life/dinosaur). They take turns to roll the dice. They pick the corresponding piece that matches the picture on the dice that represents the amount on their themed card. The first one to complete their puzzle wins. Continue to keep playing until all have completed their puzzles.


There is also an option to create different versions of the game with the create your own dice. Each of the pictures on the dice for the three versions as well as a blank dice template have been included. All the top puzzles pieces can be used with all versions of the large themed pieces. For example you could make a game using digits, words and base 10 or Numicon, base 10 and digits.

Ideal to use as a group activity, a table top activity, or for intervention.

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